AKQA Future Lions 2017 competition brief – connect an audience of you choosing to an existing service or product in a way that was not possible three years ago.


Concept, art direction and UI design. Working with Ben Leedham.


As this was a broad brief we first had to set up our own problem, after some initial ideation an brainstorming we chose our audience – athletes. We found a common problem among this audience which was injuries and recovery.


To solve this problem we chose fitbit, due to its vast data capturing capabilities. Next step was researching injured athletes as a user and identifying main user pain point in recovery. We found that there are two main aspects that help with sports injuries, a support network and small goals that athlete could follow and feel accomplished day by day.


This resulted in introducing new section under fitbit app called fitbit coach, and AI that after inputting your injury data can track you performance in recovery, set up weekly and daily goals, recommend sleeping patterns – all to aid recovery. Second thing coach could offer was prompting your mates on social networks to congratulation on your achievements, chatbot functionally would help maintain the vital support network.

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