BrandOpus Chrysalis student competition project to create a future alcoholic beverage for young people.


Product & creative concept, art direction, branding and UX/UI design.


After initial research around general drinking trends, ready to drink beverage market and the changing young people consumer behavior. I found that generally, younger people are drinking less, moderate their drinking and want to stay in control on their night out.


Following this insight, I looked into how can a beverage give young people the ability to stay in control on a night out, be easily accessible and create a consumer behavior that stays true to the audience’s perception of being trendy.


This resulted in counter culture beer brand that provides users with an app that is incorporated to intelligently work with different percentage brand beers. Empowering users with the freedom to control the way they drink by selecting or creating a program, whether it’s to avoid a hangover, moderate or watch your calorie intake. Simply by selecting a program, every time a beer purchase is made at the bar, the bartender will see the percentage on the till and serve the user the right brand beer, to make sure users stay in control.


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