I’m a Product Designer currently based In London, having a unique experience of working at high growth start-ups to global brands I’ve develop a skill set which is both market conscious, data driven and delivers user centred experiences at scale.

During my time in Northumbria University I’ve worked in a couple of high growth startups, creating brand assets recognised by biggest banks in UK and delivering a data dashboard for the business. One of the university branding case studies won a D&AD New Blood pencil. This allowed me to join D&AD New Blood academy, working with other creatives and industry leaders from around the world I developed an interests in creative advertising and strategy.

Graduating from university I pursued this interest and joined an in-house advertising agency for a global sports brand - HEAD. During this time I’ve worked on their brand new sensor UI, delivered creative ideas and communication architectures for global reaching campaigns and created assets that had over 200,000 organic reach. 

During my time at HEAD creative agency I picked up freelance projects to help design and brand 5 consumer platforms from scratch. Doing guerilla testing and working to create scalable design systems I’ve rediscovered my interest in product design that I briefly experienced working in a startup environment.

This is where I decided that not only I want to create impact to a massive audience, but I want to deliver actually meaningful user centered experiences. With my experience working in startups, freelancing as UX/UI designer and passion for digital innovation I’ve joined rapidly growing and one of the leading EdTech platforms in the world - FutureLearn. Now working in a cross-disciplinary team on a platform with 8 million users, I’m faced with a new challenge and opportunity to deliver best possible experience at scale.

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